Well known German Trauma Therapist and Spiritual Teacher, Gopal Norbert Klein, will be available on Zoom for individual sessions (with an audience) to answer your questions about trauma healing, meditation and any other question of general interest. All are welcome. You can ask about your personal situation or on behalf of someone close to you like family members, friends or children. Gopal will speak from the perspective of modern trauma therapy and spirituality.

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Everything this society offers us and everything you may have tried as an individual so far has not led to any fundamental improvement or even a solution to our problems. It can't go on like this, it can't go on like this. We need a completely new approach. We need to shift our focus from external things back to ourselves and what happens between us in our interactions. That is where the cause of all problems lies and that is the only place where problems can be solved. No videos, no politics, no drugs, no work, nothing on the outside can bring us the solution. Instead, we need the courage to look and then communicate what is happening *inside* of us. The solution does not lie in consumption and distraction through news, etc., but in honest interpersonal encounters. In "Sundays with Gopal" we look inside, together. Take part in building the new world.

Why you should attend:

* Get clarification of your unresolved (relationship) problems and questions.

* Deepen your understanding of how Honest Sharing works.

* Create the largest global community based on Honest Sharing to change the world for the better.

 Info + Tickets

Gopal Norbert Klein is an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and the author of the bestseller The Vagus Key. After certifying in a wide variety of trauma therapy methods (including NARM™ and TRE®), he developed his own method (FLOATING). Gopal specializes in dealing with developmental trauma and attachment trauma. He is internationally known and conducts trainings for trauma therapists in Europe. His self-help method, Honest Sharing, is practiced by people in many parts of the world. Gopal Norbert Klein is *not* a doctor and *not* a psychotherapist.

Gopal Norbert Nanzer-Klein
Brünigstraße 104
6060 Sarnen